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    In the course of ten days of successive and parallel workshops, master students of architecture will engage with a process of public transformation of a former industrial site in the city of Turin.


    The site was the subject of a call for applications promoted by the Co-City competition (winner of the first European Urban Innovative Actions call) that proposed the design of forms of collaboration between administration and active citizenship, and now suspended. With the purpose of ‘unlocking’ a blocked process of transformation of public space, students will experiment different approaches to the agency of design actions.


    Through scientific contributions offered by experts in their own field from five different European institutions, the Summer School will give students the tools to strategically approach complex procedural problems through architectural design as a collective and socio-technical tool for action, and to effectively intervene as actors within a diachronic design process.

  • Call for students

    We are looking for outstanding Master students. We will select 3 students from each of the following institutions: Architectural Association London, University of Belgrade, TU Berlin, Politecnico di Torino. Additionally, we will accept up to 5 outstanding students from any institution.


    Tuition is free and students will take care of travel and accommodation expenses.


    The workshop will be held in English and a good level of proficiency is expected from all participants.


    To apply, send the following to apply@innovationinpractice.it by July 5th: an updated CV; A4 landscape portfolio (max 5 pages); and a motivation letter of 400 words or less.

    Applications will be reviewed by the workshop tutors and coordinating team and the results will be communicated by July 10th.


    Download the Call for students

  • Call for PhD

    The Summer School is the final appointment of a discussion carried out within the doctoral course "The innovation of the architectural project: practice and criticism", held as part of the Ph.D. program "Architecture, History and Project" at the Department of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino by prof. Giovanni Durbiano and Alessandro Armando, authors of “La Teoria del Progetto Architettonico: dai disegni agli effetti”. The course has brought together a number of positions on the problem of innovation in architectural design. Through the participation of several scholars from European universities, including some of the international partners participating in the Summer School, a research exchange and debate was built around architectural design theory(-ies), through seminars and meetings, that will find practical application in the Summer School workshop. The following meetings were held at the Politecnico di Torino in the course of 2019:


    • February 5: Karim Basbous (EVCAU, ENSAPVS, Paris), Petar Bojanić (University of Belgrade), Pierre Caye (Centre Jean Pépin, CNRS, ENS rue d'Ulm, Paris),  Snežana Vesnić (University of Belgrade), Project Concept Design (download poster)
    • March 18: Donato Ricci (SciencesPo Médialab_Paris), Il progetto come oggetto tecnico e sociale, tra design e architettura (download poster)
    • April 11: Lidia Gasperoni (TU Berlin), Architettura e performatività. Progetti e ricerche (download poster)
    • May 16: Hélène Frichot (KTH Stockholm), Creative ecologies, speculative empiricism, and matters of care (download poster)
    • June 7: Joerg Gleiter (TU Berlin), Lo stato di un oggetto. Filosofia dell'architettura e il superamento della presenza (download poster)


    On the occasion of the Summer School (September 4th-14th) we invite contributions for a Ph.D. Research Marathon (September 14th-15th) that, through theoretical argumentation, case studies, and fieldwork, attempt to answer the following questions:


    • Is it possible to consider the architectural project as a technical and social object, which undergoes innovative transformation - such as the technical objects do?


    • What are the paradigms of innovation we can consider when we deal with an architectural project?


    • What are the recurring features of a project that we can use as the object of a scientific experimentation – that is, those features we can reproduce and innovate?


    • What is the role of the critical theory(-ies) in relation with the innovation research around the architectural project?


    To apply, submit a 350-word abstracts on completed research, or work-in-progress. Deadline for abstract submissions is Monday 15th July 2019. Full papers deadline for accepted abstract will be announced in July 2019. Please email paper abstracts to apply@innovationinpractice.it . Notifications will be sent by Wednesday July 31st 2019. Curated proceedings of the Ph.D. course and Research Marathon will be published. Please note that applicants must be registered as current Ph.D. students at the time of application. Submissions of proposals for research presentations are welcome from all backgrounds and nationalities.


    Download the Call for Ph.D. Students

  • Program

    The Summer School will take place from the 4th to the 14th of September, 2019, according to the following program:


    • September 4-6: intensive workshop of Architectural Design Theory led by prof. Giovanni Durbiano and Alessandro Armando of Politecnico di Torino: this workshop will introduce all students to the concept of Architectural Design Theory through the practical application of a case study. Students will engage with an interrupted process and will experiment with the possible deviations that the project of architecture can introduce to help set things in motion. The main questions that students ill be confronted with are: what is the role of the project of architecture within a complex public process of transformation? How does the project interact with actors and how can it help enlarge a decisional collective in order to be effective? What are the symbolic and bureaucratic strategies that the project of architecture can deploy?


    • September 7: Intermediate in-situ exhibition with local stakeholders


    • September 9-13: Parallel workshops:
      _Petar Bojanic and Snezana Vesnic (University of Belgrade): this parallel session, held by Professors Petar Bojanić and Snežana Vesnić, will focus on the subject of "architecture and terminology”. The aim is to express and explain the terms that appear in architectural practice. In this sense, the design activity will run in parallel with an activity devoted to the clarification of many of the most used terms in architecture, as a discipline and as a practice.
      _Joerg Gleiter (TU Berlin): this parallel session will be about "Materiality and documentality – Architecture between memory and archive". It  will focus on the relationship between architectural theory and design practice.
      _Maria Fedorchenko  (AA school, London): this parallel session will consider the project site in the larger context of post-industrial spaces and contemporary modes of cultural and knowledge production. Considering immaterial and material elements and processes, it would develop a range of urban manifestoes and design hypotheses for new potent urban 'machines'. With the emphasis on advanced techniques of mapping and diagram to fuel our design provocations, we would articulate specific formal and programmatic strategies that could sustain the evolution and the adaptation of the site to its alternative futures.


    • September 13: Exhibition of final results and discussion with stakeholders and crits


    • September 13-14: PhD research marathon: Innovation in Practice


    Download the Summer School program

  • Team | Tutors | Participants

    The School will involve six tutors from four major European architecture schools, who will lead parallel workshops and work with small teams of students to address the problem and contribute to unlock the project from different standpoints.


    Workshop tutors:


    Coordinating Team:

    • Alessandro Armando, Politecnico di Torino
    • Valeria Federighi, Politecnico di Torino
    • Daniele Campobenedetto, Politecnico di Torino


    Assistant tutors:

    • Andrea Alberto Dutto, Politecnico di Torino
    • Edoardo Fregonese, Politecnico di Torino
    • Elena Todella, Politecnico di Torino


    Participants (click to see the list)


    Download the Summer School team profile



    Funding is provided by the Politecnico di Torino

  • Materials | Lectures


    * In order to visit the Materials page please note that a password, provided to participants, is requested.

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  • Film marathon

    Sunday 8th @ BUNKER


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  • PhD Research Marathon

  • Workshop outcomes

    UNIT 1 - Armando & Durbiano (04-07/09)

    See presentations (soon...):

    • Group 1
    • Group 2
    • Group 3
    • Group 4
    • Group 5
    • Group 6


    UNIT 2 - Bojanic & Vesnic (09-13/09)

    Students (see presentations):

    • Katarina Ognjanović
    • Lorenzo Filippi
    • Ivana Lakić
    • Ueli Saluz
    • Michele Simonetti
    • Đorđe Bulajić



    UNIT 3 - Gleiter (09-13/09)

    Students (see videos):

    • Alina Salahoru
    • Federica Pessotto
    • Andrew Thomas Parry
    • Rai Karam Ellahi
    • Sofia Leoni


    UNIT 4 - Fedorchenko (09-13/09)

    Students (see presentations):

    • Elena Taliano
    • Luis Andres Valencia Vasquez
    • Riccardo Piazzai
    • Camila Alzate Riaño
    • Ksenia Kuzmina
    • Kamyab Ghanfili
    • Sahar Naz Taleb Nezhad
    • Kosta Dimitrijević
    • Mirela Dadaj


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